OpenMarket (OM) provides personalized administrative solutions based on your needs. Our business practices are geared towards off- loading the challenges that come with handling day-to-day management of an organization thus allowing you to concentrate on your core business. We provide an all-inclusive service provision to support your business by planning, organizing, managing and coordinating goods and services to ensure operations in an organization run smoothly and improve efficiency, productivity, staff well-being as well as promote client-customer relationship.

We have combined expertise, innovation and passion to develop and execute sustainable cost optimization with a focus on office management and strategic procurement.

Together with our team of highly qualified associates, we firmly believe we can improve efficiency in business operations, further reduce your cost on expenditure , develop informed purchasing strategies and identify better sources of supply by putting in place strategic practices. Our unique position enables us to identify and exploit opportunities not apparent to others.

Sustainable Procurement

Our procurement practices are centered on sustainable procurement. We believe that in carrying out our business operations, we look for best ways that will benefit the society, economy and the environment. Therefore, we maximize aid effectiveness and economic development by purchasing from local businesses to encourage regional trade, drive local development in the private sector, and increase skills and expertise in people.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe in being drivers of change; mainly because we believe in the vast potential of the individuals and communities we partner with and serve.

In this regard, we have committed a fraction of our sales into building up local communities. Our projects include working with Community Based Organizations (CBOs) to empower members of the community through sustainable projects that not only provide an extra source of income for various individuals but also hone their skills.

Thinking ahead
We build our foresight based upon analytics, unmatched capabilities, innovation and experience.
Bold and unafraid
We’re undaunted by tough challenges. While we’re realistic about what is possible, we’re optimistic about seizing opportunities. We have the integrity and tenacity to fulfill what we have promised.
Sleeves rolled up
We’re practical, pragmatic and committed to making things happen. And we build clients’ capabilities through collaboration.
Reaching out & great partners
We bring the best people to work in teams that are diverse in their disciplines and cultures. Teams that go wherever they are needed to help create and deliver essential advantage.
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Our Team

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