We incorporate competitive bidding, negotiations, contracting and group purchase program to improve the value-to-price relationship i.e. achieve cost reductions while maintaining or improving quality/service, examining supplier relationships across the entire organization, develop and implement multi-year contracts with standardized terms and conditions across the organizations and share best practices across the organization.

We pride ourselves in having a large database of credible and reputable manufacturers and agents from different parts of the world to ensure we deliver only the best. However, our first option is to source locally/ regionally before engaging elsewhere.

Our end-to-end solutions guarantee our clients an all-inclusive package,i.e we source, procure, and distribute goods and services to you while reducing your supplier risk that may occur during the purchasing process.

Our team is comprised of capable staff, with expertise and skills in different sectors that apply their experience in providing the best option for goods and services.

No region is too far or wide for us to cover and no good/service is too small or big for us to provide. For as long as the good or service exists, we will get it for you.

Item categorization includes but not limited to:

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Water Treatment Consumables, Purification and Storage Equipment, Dignity Towels, Waste Management Solutions
Energy Solar Solutions, Generators
Basic Needs Food, Prefabricated Units and Tents, Household Items
Equipment/ Appliances/ Other Household and Commercial items

How will you benefit?

Lower prices/Greater negotiating power
By increasing the forecast purchase volume, generally we are able to negotiate lower prices for the goods or services purchased with respect to what could be obtained by individual companies working alone. These savings are usually considerable, ranging from 10% to 35%.
Item Level Savings
While an individual company may find a decent amount of savings on their own, it shadows in comparison to the savings one can gain by joining our program. We combine the purchasing power of different businesses to negotiate better discounts that result in an item level price and immediate savings realization from pre-negotiated contracts not attainable by most single companies
Positive impact on the profits for each individual networked company
Did you know that a reduction in purchasing costs, for example of 5%, produces an increase in profits of more than 2% and that to obtain the same result, sales would need to increase by more than 20%…? This means that the savings generated by a centralization of purchasing in a network of businesses will increase profits in each individual network company without having to increase sales.
Reduction of transaction costs
By joining our program, organizations can effectively simplify their procurement processes. This reduces both the per unit cost on their goods and also the per transaction costs, due to the reduced number of contracts to be negotiated, prepared and managed.
Reduced workload
Since we manage all stages in the lifecycle of contracts on behalf of our network, the individual businesses benefit from a significant reduction in their workload and are free to focus on their core business and portfolio, instead of the indirect products and services needed to keep the company running smoothly
Free Membership
No membership fee.
Category Management / On-going Support
We offer category management that provides aid in identifying and realizing savings throughout the tenure of an agreement. We keep our members current on offerings or service enhancements by having frequent reviews with suppliers to understand new services and approaches the supplier may be taking.
Ongoing value creation through spend and savings management, pricing audits, contract monitoring, conflict resolution support, and other services.
Lower Purchasing Risk and Quality Service
We strive for longevity when it comes to keeping members, therefore we give members the best quality in supplies, we subject potential suppliers to a full vetting process which ensures the credibility and value of the supplier, in return the members have a lower purchasing risk.
Savings Beyond Price
Though our main goal is to get members the most products for the most savings, we do not ignore quality. W encourages members to identify qualitative – not just quantitative – improvements that will give them the best-in-class service. We go beyond initial savings and consider total cost of ownership, this can help with inventory reductions and process improvements.
We offer superior service track records with top-tier consortium suppliers.
Account management
We assign members a dedicated account manager who ensures your needs are met and produces specialized reporting on spend and savings analysis through individual account management